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Revolutionizing the Global Economy through Ethical Investments with our Exceptional Network of Government and large corporate partners

Who we are

We are the investment arm of the Private Office of Sheikh Nayef Bin Eid Al Thani.

Our headquarters are located in the bustling city of Dubai, where we are strategically positioned to leverage our extensive network of business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-business (B2B) connections and wealth of investment expertise to provide our partners with access to a diverse range of investment opportunities around the world. 

Our wealth of experience and resources, coupled with our access to a global investor community that includes top banks, financial institutions, and governments, enable us to help you navigate the complex landscape of global investment.

Impactful Investments Across Diverse Sectors

Our strategic alliances across multiple sectors enable us to generate optimal returns through impactful investments

Public Policy

Environmental Sustainability

Social Sustainability

Economic Sustainability

Technological Advancement


Area of Expertise

We continually explore diverse investments worldwide, creating a network for unique returns and we use creative financial structures to meet our partners’ unique needs

FinTech & Banking

We leverage our expertise with financial institutions to provide Shariah-compliant fintech solutions for banking technologies across multiple verticals.

GreenTech & CleanTech

MBS invests in companies and projects that prioritize environmental sustainability, reduce carbon emissions, and increase resource efficiency. Our commitment drives positive change toward a greener and more sustainable future.

Real Estate & Regeneration

Our real estate investments generate financial and social impact, from single constructions to regeneration. We transform locations globally with expertise, delivering impactful results.


We invest in technology to improve trade efficiencies through proprietary solutions and global partnerships. Our approach leverages breakthroughs in AI, IoT, blockchain, and supply chain integration.

Partnering with us

Our ecosystem is designed to unlock access, mobility, and returns, ensuring that our partners can achieve their investment goals with ease and efficiency.

Unmatched B2G Investment Access

Leveraging our network for exclusive government-level and private investment opportunities.

Co-Investment Opportunities

By presenting opportunities as co-investors, we offer partners a unique level of assurance in the projects presented.

The Royal Family Advantage: Expertise in Investment

As an initiative of Royal family offices, we have a deep understanding of the investment landscape, providing its partners with access to valuable expertise.

Strengthening Investment Assurance

The unique level of assurance provided by co-investment opportunities can help partners make investment decisions with greater confidence.

Customized Financial Solutions

We can provide flexible and bespoke financial structuring for the diverse opportunities under its umbrella.

A Network of Industry-Leading Partners

We have a strong network of partners and contacts in the financial industry, which can provide additional support and expertise to its partners.

Maximizing Investment Returns with Exclusive Opportunities

Access to exclusive opportunities and tailored financial solutions can help maximize investment returns.

Strategic Partnerships: The Key to Sustainable Financial Growth

By operating as a strategic partner, we can provide partners with access to a wider range of resources, connections, and opportunities.

Our Approach

CEO’s Message


Partnering with businesses with a strong ESG focus is fundamental to our investment ethos. A triple bottom line approach is at the heart of everything we do and underpins our company culture and dictates how we identify, invest, and grow our investments with partners. We are committed to leveraging our network to support innovative technologies that have transformational potential in key sectors and can deliver real change to the economic future of communities bringing an enhanced quality of life.

Family offices can play a leading role in the evolution taking place in many of the fundamental verticals such as finance, banking, and energy. As a family office, we harness our expertise in risk management to a more forward-looking unlocking of the potential available in new cutting-edge technologies and businesses in these key growth and sustainable areas of investment

We are always open to engage with potential partners that share our vision or can contribute a solution.

CFO’s Profile

nick thurlow

Nick has over 30 years of banking and finance experience. Nick joins MBS from Bramdean Asset Management in the UK where he worked as the co-Managing partner with Nicola Horlick. Nick’s banking career started as a graduate trainee with HSBC in 1990, he progressed through senior Treasury roles within Credit Suisse, and Bankers Trust, and finished his mainstream banking career with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB). Within SCB he held senior roles in New York, and London, and was Head of Treasury for Zimbabwe. 

In 2006 Nick started Upload Films, a production, and finance company for independent films. In the past 16 years, Nick has worked on over 70 films. His credits include Oscar winner “Moonlight” and nominee “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri”.  Nick brings sector expertise in the Media and Fintech areas to MBS Global Investments along with a growing interest and expertise in Green Energy and Carbon credits.

Strategic Alliances

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Building 10, Bay Square, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

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